Picture of Ms. Emmett Carter

Ms. Emmett Carter, named after her late father, Emmett Sr., grew up in Ohio on a small farm. She learned how to cook from her parents “the ole’ fashioned way.” She graduated from Cedarville High School, then followed in her fathers foot steps by serving 8 years active duty in the United States Army, “SGT CARTER” later had a son, Dorian Carter. Dorian graduated from Beech High School followed by Tennessee Tech University in 2019 with a Bachelor in Business Communications & Exercise Science. They learned how to open a restaurant from google & utilizing the skills her father gave her growing up and opened Helens Hot Chicken in 2017 followed by Ms. Emmett’s Country Kitchen 2018 (same location.)

Now as a self made entrepreneur, Ms. Emmett is fulfilling her dreams of opening a food truck.

Ms. Emmett’s Legendary Kitchen opened in 2019 in order to serve not only loyal customers, but people who have short lunch breaks such as industrial areas. Ms. Emmett is a prominent business woman who has made history in Tennessee.